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Welcome to the Westfield State College Writer's Guide.

This site is part of an effort to form stronger connections between the ideas, concepts, and strategies learned in English composition classes and the writing done in mathematics and the sciences at Westfield State College. This site is meant to serve as a writer's guide for students using writing in mathematics and/or the sciences, as well as a model for other faculty who would like to ally their courses more closely with English composition and other courses.

We encourage our students and colleagues to make suggestions and comments about these pages, and even to suggest changes and contribute materials. However, the content of these pages remains the teaching and educational views, philosophies, and resources of its authors. What is contained in these pages is not necessarily reflective of the authors' home departments or of Westfield State College as a whole.

The writers of these pages have set out to avoid gender biased language. We found that using the plural forms of nouns with plural pronouns was awkward in many cases, as was using the more conventional "she/he" and "his/her" constructions. We decided to adopt the singular pronouns of "she" and "her" to produce a more fluid prose.

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